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Expand Your Brain’s Possibilities
by 200-300%, in Just One Course!
Food supplement IQooster is an innovative solution based on 5 components that help the brain to increase its activity and to improve memory function
  • Reveals all the possibilities of the brain

  • Accelerates the thinking process

  • Improves memory and coordination

  • Increases mental efficiency

  • Facilitates information assimilation

  • Effects felt within 10 minutes of application

Learn the Secret of Successful People

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Check What You Really Are Good at!

In the modern world, people achieve more where they have both higher mental abilities and a highly efficient brain. However, like any other organ, the brain can become tired and will do so quickly as mental activity increases.

just imagine... much you could get done if your brain always worked at its maximum capacity? would you feel if you could keep your brain functioning normally in old age?

...the results you’d get in exams if your brain and memory worked 200% more efficiently?

Today Many Successful People Worldwide Take IQooster

IQooster is the first 100% natural method that increases brain activity and improves memory. Moreover, it is completely natural and safe and can be used without concerns.

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Unique Benefits of IQooster

  • Increases mental capacity 3-4 times

  • Improves the power of the intellect, memory and concentration

  • Increasesmental efficiency

  • Gives energy and self-confidence

  • Accelerates the decision-making process

  • Normalises sleep and vision

  • Protects brain cells from premature destruction

  • Facilitates the rapid assimilation of information

According to expert research, the brain’s abilities begin to deteriorate when you’re just twenty five years old. For a period of up to 50 years, the brain potential is reduced to 60% of the original. That is why IQooster is recommended for all people without exception. With this solution you will achieve more!

IQooster Is Easy to Take

  • Take 1 capsule twice a day – in the morning and in the evening

  • Drink plenty of water

  • Take a daily course

  • The minimum course is 2 weeks

It’s obvious that IQooster starts to work within 10 minutes of taking it. With each passing day, its effect accumulates more and more. At the end of the course, you will notice how your brain works 2-3 times more efficiently than before, and it’s less tired.

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Why Is IQooster So Effective?

The main reason for the decline in brain functionality is associated with nervous system exhaustion. Such exhaustion can be caused by age, stress, bad habits, poor ecology, sedentary lifestyle and many other reasons. As a result, the nerve impulse transmission rate to all parts of the brain decreases. This decrease reduces the brain’s potential, induces more rapid fatigue, and increases functional impairment of memory function and coordination.

IQooster restores the nervous system, bringing it to a normal healthy state, and supports an active increase in the number of brain cells. Increasing brain cells means that this is not just a short-term stimulating effect, it’s also an improvement to the brain’s potential in the longer term.

Expert’s Opinion on IQooster

If you are experiencing a serious over load on the brain and are often engaged in mental activity, you should certainly try IQooster. With it, your opportunities will increase significantly, and you will tire less easily

Since IQooster only consists of natural components it does not harm the body, and therefore its use is absolutely safe.

It is important to understand that IQooster is not an energy drink or tonic, but a carefully balanced vitamin and mineral complex that supports brain activity by improving the corresponding processes within the body. IQooster does not overload or wear out the nervous system; on the contrary it helps to normalize the brain’s work.

I personally take IQooster, so its effectiveness is proved by me, and by many of my clients.

Christensen V.,

Brain Health Coach

Ginkgo Biloba:

Normalises blood circulation in the brain, improves memory and attention and enhances mental activity.


Stimulates and regulates the work of the brain, gives energy, protects the brain cells from the effects of unfavorable factors.

Taurine and caffeine:

Increased concentration, improves memory, normalises metabolism in the brain tissues and increases efficiency.

Unique Constituents

Choline bitartrate:

Prevents age-related slow-down in brain activity and deterioration due to poor lifestyle, prevents the development of dangerous complications.


Normalises the work of all parts of the brain, improves brain nutrition, stimulates memory and attention.


Supports nerve cells, improves metabolism, increases blood supply to the brain.


Improves memory and concentration, speeds up the transfer of nerve impulses and increases the speed of assimilation of information.

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Our Customers Stories

Martha, 31 years old

it's very nice when your brain works in full force.

I am a teacher and often my work stresses my brain heavily. I deal with a lot of children and because there aren’t enough teachers in my school, we work more than we normally should. I began to notice that due to the stress, I was getting tired mentally and I couldn’t do more than I wanted and I lost interest in doing things. However, my neurologist advised me to drink IQooster and once I began to take it, within a week I felt rejuvenated and eager to work even more than before. I also noticed I was barely tired when working. It’s always nice to have the brain working in full force. Being in this state opens up many opportunities and possibilities that were unreachable before. IQooster is simply an excellent product!

Robert, 28 years old

As a result, I my salary was raised by 30% and, I think, this is just the beginning

I needed to improve my brain functioning so I got IQooster. I was overwhelmed with work, I couldn’t redo everything immediately, and because of that, I began to make mistakes frequently that soon reflected on my salary. I sought to “grow wiser“. I was watching TV when I first learned about IQooster, so I became caught on. IQooster has really helped me. After 2 weeks of taking it, I began to notice changes. I started to think straight and quickly again and my analytical thinking and memory improved tremendously. I was beginning to contribute new ideas at meetings. As a result, my salary was raised by 30% and I think, this is just the beginning. IQooster is a wonderful solution for brain improvement that I recommend to everyone!

David, 38 years old

The last 2 years I’ve been taking IQooster

We are often stressed because of work, in addition, it is important that decisions made are right and quick based on analysis of data available and capabilities. All of this requires stretching the brain beyond its normal capabilities. Due to this, I have been taking vitamins for my brain for the last 10 years or more. I switched to IQooster about 2 years ago. It gave an impressive effect, so I have preferred it over others since it is more balanced. If you haven’t tried IQooster, you should. It is arguably the best solution for boosting brain capacity that I know of.

Christine, 21 years old

It’s a good solution for students, but I think I will take it even after university.

I have been taking IQooster before any exam session for the last two years. There have been significant improvements since, but most remarkably, my speed of assimilation of the most complex information has increased. I can learn anything necessary to pass my exams within a week! After taking IQooster, the brain begins to run like a clock – No messed up mind or sleep deficiency. Everything is clear and pure. Even after studying textbooks for the whole day, I don’t get tired. I recommended IQooster to a lot of my friends and now they are actively taking it. It’s a great solution for students, and I believe I will keep taking it, even after university. I want to reach my best in life and get to the top of my career. I’m sure IQooster will help me get there.

More Reasons to Go for It With IQooster

IQooster will increase the potential of your brain by 200-300%! Find out what you are capable of!

  • Full natural constituents

  • Normalises brain function and increases its capacity

  • Contains many vitamins and microelements useful for the body

  • A certified product that has passed all the necessary experts tests

  • Effective protection of the brain

Over a million customers worldwide already use IQooster. Now it’s your turn to try it!

Over a million customers worldwide already use IQooster. Now it’s your turn to try it!

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